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Hi, and welcome to our Deck Builders Salem Oregon page. I will be posting images below that describe the condition of the previous deck and the steps we took to correct the condition.

Ultimately, the entire deck was rebuilt from the ground up. The previous deck was in dire condition and we were happy to “rebuild” a brand new one with all the latest materials and hardware.

Enjoy the content! If you are happy with the information, please feel free to share it and comment on it or ask questions if you’d like. Thank you for visiting my page! – Elbert

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SO, the first thing I want you to notice in this image is the number of risers. (Risers are the steps, or cutouts that form steps). You’ll notice that this OLD deck had 3 risers.

Unfortunately, the deck was wobbly (according to the owners) which I learned was a condition it suffered very early. Wrong lumber was used so, it was also rotting away.

I guess the previous builder didn’t understand the mechanics of the correct way to keep this from happening. Fortunately, I received some good advice from the material supplier about building these steps and he recommended 4 risers. Which I was not thrilled to hear!

Let me explain the theology for doing more work to build this deck!

For me, and obviously for many others – I’m sure… To explain this in layman’s terms, we can’t buy these pre-cut! They each have to be cut – one by “painstakingly” one. You have to create one template and use that to cut out the rest…

SO, I’m like – Yeah sure “No Problem”… I got this… NOT! Man-O-man was this a doosy. They don’t make a super machine you can use to cut these out. They have to be cut with a “Skill Saw”.  And I’ll tell you something! They didn’t call it a “Skill Saw” for nothing!

The Big Issue Cutting These Deck Stair Risers With A Skill Saw Was…

The previous risers fell apart when disassembling the steps. SO…. I had to use a small section of about 3 risers – or so, and fabricate the rest with the cut-out  triangle pieces left over from the new cut.

These triangle cut out pieces were used for most of the rest of the 2″ thick X 12″ wide X 16′ long PT (PT = pressure treated) incised beams that were purchased at Parr Lumber in Salem, OR. But, after getting one beam cut, I used it as a template for the other 3 risers.


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If you look closely, the steps required an extra support to be built or added-on to keep it from wobbling. The owner even asked me “what about the stair framing” and why I hadn’t built a new one.


  1. With 4 risers, there is no way it would wobble as the amount of wood used in close proximity like this prevented it from moving.
  2. 16 screws per step on the Trex Boards to solidify it, which didn’t happen before.
  3. I also used concrete anchors on the bottom 4X4’s as well, which were not present before.
  4. Finally, the 2×2’s  used along both sides, 4″ apart or so, with 4 screws per board..

There was no way for it to “move”. We went through about 100 LBS of screws!

These last two images will help you see just a little more detail of the condition of this deck.

deck builders salem

deck builders

ADA Compliant wheelchair ramp built in Salem Oregon

Our Salem remodelers were called to this home in South East Salem to review the situation of stairs in the garage that were getting to hard to climb by the home owners.

We discussed about a possible ramp that went straight all the way from the door landing out to about a 10 foot run. However, this didn’t work because of the surface area not allowing for a good install.

We went with a switchback ramp which actually worked better for the client and allowed for a rest or break on the first flat area or platform at the center of the ADA ramp.

This ADA wheelchair configuration is a popular choice among seniors or homeowners who require increased mobility at their homes.

The construction included 4X4s that were mounted or secured to the concrete floors to deliver a sturdy long lasting construction that wont fade with time.

We added non-slip tape from 3-M and capped everything off with black finish hardware at all the joints for the handrails and attachment to the walls at the top of the ADA ramp.

If you would like a free estimate to have us build you a similar ADA wheelchair ramp please feel free to call us at (503) 877-1198

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